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DWOW @ Aurora Picture Show

DWOW @ Aurora Picture Show

Objects, Matter, and the Dream State

DiverseWorks on Wednesdays goes on the road to Aurora Picture Show for an evening of films related to Katie Grinnan’s exhibition, Nocturnal Hologram (on view at DiverseWorks through November 14). Dive into a surreal dream world with short films by avant-garde filmmakers who have inspired Grinnan, including Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, and others. As Grinnan uses a network of video reenactments, objects, and images to create sculpture, these filmmakers use editing, jump cuts, hand-painted film, and assemblage techniques to create unusual relationships that allow for multiple interpretations.

Co-presented by DiverseWorks and Aurora Picture Show.

image: Stan Brakhage, Mothlight (still), 1963