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DiverseWorks on Wednesdays

DiverseWorks on Wednesdays

Performances in conjunction with the exhibition SonicWorks:

The Drone Bros + Robert Hodge presents a Beauty Box Pop-Up Show with Outspoken Bean and The Aspiring Me

Drone Bros are a sonic performance art group. They create temporary, performance-based sound sculptures that bring together elements of experimental and pop music.

Given that music and sound have a physiological affect on the human body, the Drone Bros use droning notes in an attempt to affect the body and mind of the listener/observer. By hearing the same frequency over an extended period of time, the human mind and body can experience different states of awareness, therefore the sound sculpture is a visceral and concrete way to engage people into different states of awareness.

The Drone Bros seek to continue and develop the long-standing and arguably ancient tradition of drone music through the appropriation of pop music. Taking elements from their  own experiences as musicians, they use guitars, synthesizers, talkbox, drum machines, and other electronic devices, while taking musical influence from rock, blues, funk and rap music.

Robert Hodge is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores themes of memory and commemoration. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in the City’s Third Ward district, the artist studied visual art at the Pratt Institute in New York and the Atlanta College of Art before returning to Houston. Hodge has exhibited his work in numerous national and international institutions including Project Row Houses in Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, the New Gallery of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, Coma Art Space in Los Angeles and the Contemporary Museum of East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. Named amongst the Houston Press’ 100 Most Creative People in 2011, the artist has also received grants from the Houston Arts Alliance and The Idea Fund. Hodge currently lives and works in Houston.

The Beauty Box is an outdoor public installation illuminating a particular time in an average Third Ward home prior to integration. The project transformed an abandoned portion of a building into an installation and gallery space where artist talks, round table discussions, performances and other public events are held.