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DiverseWorks on Wednesdays

DiverseWorks on Wednesdays


a new play by Alva Hascall, with Tek Wilson and Cyrus Moshrefi

Winifred features guns, cigarettes, opera, cursing, Nazis, scatology, and an amusing pile of steaming maternal manipulation.

A British orphan, given in marriage to Richard Wagner’s homosexual son, Winifred was a friend of Adolph Hitler. She was also director of Wagner’s Festspielhaus Theater and a savior of artists, gypsies, homosexuals and Jews. She is a complex character. This theatrical excerpt explores her status as a heroine and victim of Germany’s revisionist history.

This is the first time Winifred will be performed in front of an audience, with a talk back afterwards.

Please note: blank gunshots fired and cigarettes smoked during the performance.