Candice d'Meza: Wail.

Candice D’Meza, WAIL, production photograph, 2021. Pictured: Aria Hope, Stacey Allen, Candice D’Meza, Lindsay Gary, Saida Carter.

Candice D’Meza’s WAIL is a community grief ritual performance film conceived by D’Meza to honor the 95 individuals whose unmarked remains were unearthed in 2018 and who labored and died on a state-sanctioned convict leasing camp between 1877-1912 in Sugar Land, Texas. More info…

In Candice’s words:
This film is an homage—a visual offering—to that history. To the land. To our ancestors. To ourselves. To restorative justice and reparations. To a more humane future for us all.

WAIL premieres online Friday, October 15 at 6:30 pm central time and will continue streaming through November 14, 2021.