Calling High School Artists, Designers, Producers, and Creators!

Workshops with Danielle Dean

DiverseWorks and Danielle Dean are seeking creative high school students to participate in the process and production of a film through a series of workshops to be held February – May 2016.

Danielle Dean, True Red (video still), 2015, hand-drawn digital animation with sound, 3:45

Danielle Dean, True Red

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Improvisational Creative Movement Workshop w/ Leslie Scates


DiverseWorks is pleased to co-present, with Dance Source Houston, former Artist Advisory Board Member Leslie Scates’ upcoming workshop at the Rice University Glasscock School of Continuing Studies: Improvisational Creative Movement.

I wonder how many people, whatever their medium, appreciate the

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Artist Advisory Board Conversation: Dennis Nance


Dennis Nance at Box 13 Art Space
Photo Credit: Joomi Lee

Today, we are pleased to introduce another artist from BOX 13 Art Space on our Artist Advisory Board, 2015-2016: Dennis Nance, artist, costume maker, and arts administrator at Lawndale …

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Artist Advisory Board Conversation : Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin

“Norma, do you realize that there is anything abnormal in your affections for Marie?”
“Nothing abnormal whatever that I know of,” said Norma, “except as to the fact of it  being love on the part of one for another of …

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Artist Advisory Board Conversation : Tek Wilson

Photo: Ken Watkins

Photo: Ken Watkins

Tek Wilson is a Houston-based theater artist. Her involvement with DiverseWorks began as a gallery visitor, until she shared her talent with DiverseWorks audiences as she performed in Slyk Chaynjis directed by Heather and Ivan Morison at …

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