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In addition to DiverseWorks staff members Xandra Eden, Ashley DeHoyos, and Jennifer Gardner, DW has engaged artists and interns as integral members of the Project Freeway team. We’re thrilled to have their enthusiasm, expertise, and diverse viewpoints as we embark on this endeavor.

Erin Carty, Project Coordinator

Erin is a multidisciplinary artist and a Master’s of Fine Arts candidate in Painting and Drawing at the University of Houston, who utilizes painting, photography, video, and screen-printing in her work. Her work focuses on the idea of liminal space, boundaries, transitionary spaces, and multiple layers of existence of the whole and the individual. Due to a minor in psychology in her undergraduate career, Erin is interested in how the individual relates to themselves, others, and their environments.


Quang Vu, Marketing &  Neighborhood Expert

Quang Vu is currently a senior at the University of Houston’s Katherine G. Mcgovern College of the Arts pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and a triple minor in art history, business administration, and excellence in sales. Quang is strongly devoted to fine arts and business and actively seeks to marry the two in ways that contribute to the people and the institutions that keep the Houston art community thriving. Additionally, Quang is a mixed-media painter who makes work that explores queer politics and his personal identity. He grew up in Alief.

Ronald L. Jones, Production & Documentation Coordinator

Ronald L. Jones is a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, Texas, whose artistic practice incorporates photography and video, drawing and printmaking, and sculptural yarn installations.

Jones’s work explores themes such as the barriers between artists and audiences, individuals and their communities and the perceived normalcy of everyday life by seeking out and presenting unique perspectives.

Courtney Khim, Intern 

Courtney Khim is currently a senior at the University of Houston’s Katherine G. McGovern College of Arts pursuing a Bachelors of Arts with a double minor in Art History and German. Courtney is a mixed-media painter who is extremely interested in the relationship between color and identity. As an art historian, her focus is in modern and contemporary art.



Sophie Leung-Wolf, Intern

Sophie Leung-Wolf is a rising senior at Rice University where she is pursuing dual degrees in vocal performance (BM) and cognitive sciences (BA). She is a multifaceted artist and performer with experience in classical voice as well as sculpture and photography. To combine her diverse interests she strives to integrate contemporary art and music.