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UltraLounge refers to post hip-hop lounge culture, with its accoutrement of raves, bands, and ‘zines, the true hard copy of which exists in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Dave Hickey and this group of Southern Nevada and Southern California artists have pulled together in an effort to redeem the lounge. The installation will be a multi-sensory experience featuring large-scale video projection, 3D objects, and paintings, some on velvet, others under a black light, surrounded by palm trees, neon and billowing fog.

The idea of the show arises from its participants’ desire to stage an exhibition in a public space that dispenses with the white cube and its scientific, institutional, religio-educational overtones – to design a show that would reference social space. A space in which people might want to gather in public – an effort to intensify “loungeiness” rather than critique it. Featuring artists Phil Argent, Aaron Baker, Tim Bavington, Jane Callister, Cynthia Chan, Jack Hallberg, Wayne Littlejohn, Christine Seimens, Jennifer Steinkamp, Mary Warner, and Yek Wong.

On View:

Friday, May 1, 1998 thru
Saturday, June 20, 1998

Opening Reception:

Thursday, April 30, 1998, 6-8 pm


1117 E. Freeway
Houston, TX  77002


Thursday April 30, 1998, 7 pm.
Invocation by Reverend Ethan Acres, Highway Chapel, Las Vegas

Additional Information:

Curated by  Dave Hickey