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In response to the enormous success of last February’s Joe McPhee / Arthur Doyle concert, DiverseWorks and KTRU will once again offer a rare Texas appearance by veterans of the underground jazz scene. With thirty-five years experience in the family of improvisers, Wilber Morris has applied his knowledge and skill to the great art of the trio. Balancing strength and energy with subtlety and nuance; playing with the extremes of both density and space; the trio is driven by a vital spirituality and a thoughtful sense of interaction. Bassist Wilber Morris will be joined by German saxophonist Thomas Borgmann, and drummer Reggie Nicholson. All three are highly experienced performers and strikingly original stylists.

Date & Time:

Friday, October 2, 1998, 9 pm


1117 E. Freeway
Houston, TX 77002


Presented with SonicWorks and KTRU

Additional Information:

Curated by Artist Board Member David Dove