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Textural Dance

An evening of non-traditional dance with four choreographers who combine text and movement. Nancy Galeota-Wozny performed two dances,  A scientific experiment explaining my Ragin Agin Dancer Babe Theory of Authen-ti-co insti-honest movement science and a performance with occasional bursts of dance horror story, and The Place Where the Ground Holds Me.” Linda Phenix presented two works, Pioneer Mother of Mine and Fear of Falling. Michelle Spencer presented her choreographed piece “Home Wrecker,” which used “text and Thomas Hobbes, fast food and classical ballet, video and free verse poetry to explore deception, powerlessness, projection, and reconciliation.” Jane Weiner presented her works Orange Soup and Calling Dr. Bombay.

Date & Time:

September 27-28, 1996 at 8 pm


1117 East Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002