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This exhibit focused on the site-determined works by three artists living in Texas. Lauhakaikul’s work was informed by the political possibility of nuclear war and spoke of infinity, raw energy, and rebirth through his materials: mirrors, charcoal briquettes, and sapling trees. Sawyer’s work transformed the gallery into a sacred landscape, explored the fascination of repetition and minimal differences that recalled the conceptual logic of mazes. This idea of the inner focus of the labyrinth appeared always as a point of departure for her work. In his piece, Scranton constructed a representation of the devil from pieces of junk cars in DiverseWorks’ loading dock that was linked to the inner gallery space which he sheathed in steel and constructed a church-like space for a wooden figure suggesting the Virgin Mary. Music by Jim Leggett of Jesus’ Penisand lighting by Stephen Stout was also provided.

On View:

January 29 – March 6, 1994

Opening Reception:

January 29, 1994 from 7-9 pm


1117 East Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002