Mas Allá del Deseo

This exhibition was presented in conjunction with Beyond Desire: New Gay and Lesbian Performance and Film Series. The selection of works by gay and lesbian artists from Mexico City who showed in Mexico City’s annual Semana Cultural Gay festival illustrates part of the complex artistic and political situation in the city. Curated by Jose Maria Covarubias, Jeff Cowie, and Jorge Fichtl.

On View

May 14-June 12, 1994


1117 East Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002


Yolanda Andrade
Carlos Blas-Galindo
Claude Brouquet
Fernando Andrade Cancino
Allejandro Castellano
Miguel Angel Corona
Marina Lopez
Antonio Nava
Giberto Aceves Navarro
Marco Pacheco
Roberta Sabo
Nunik Sauret
Reynaldo Velazquez
Irma Villalobos
Elena Villasenor