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Drawing / Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line groups works that stretch the traditional definition of drawing and blur the boundaries between drawing and painting, sculpture and photography. The works exhibited, though they all use line as a significant element, are not all works on paper – they include media as diverse as acrylic, clay, metal, wood, glass, mud, even flower petals.

The exhibit includes seven Houston artists and eight from other parts of Texas. The works were selected and the 40-page catalogue prepared by Houston artist and curator Bernard Brunon, who organized the internationally touring exhibitj, Status of Sculpture, in 1990.

In addition to the exhibition at DiverseWorks, artist David Nakabayoshi completed a drawing near Allen’s Landing on Buffalo Bayou of the humpbacked flute player Kokopelli, a southwestern fertility symbol. He used different types of Texas mud that he collected during his drive to Houston, as well as chalk and materials found on site. The piece remained until rain washed it away.


On View:

May 14-June 12, 1994

Opening Reception:

May 14, 1994 from 7-9 PM


1117 East Freeway and Allen’s Landing