Dance Video Festival of French Contemporary Choreographers

This festival explored the art form of video-dance, different from video documentation, with the goal to “penetrate the dance instead of simply depicting it.” Co-sponsored by Alliance Francaise of Houston, French Cultural Society, SWAMP, and TALA.

Date & Time

March 18-21, 1993


1117 East Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002


Angels Margarit (Choreography)
Johanne Charlebois (Video)

Philippe Decoufle (Choreography and Video)

L’Ascete De San Clemente et La Vierge Marie (The Ascetic of San Clemente andThe Virgin Mary)
Jean Gaudin (Choreography)
Marc Guerini (Video)

La Noce (The Wedding)
Joelle Bouvier (Choreography and Video)
Regis Obadia (Choreography and Video)

Nuit De Chine (China Night)
Mathilde Monnier (Choreography)
Jean-Francoise Duroure (Choreography)

La Chambre (The Bedroom)
Joelle Bouvier (Choreography and Video)
Regis Obadia (Choreography and Video)

La Derniere Fuite(The Last Flight)
Francois Verret (Choreography)
Yves Turquier (Video)

L’Adieu (The Goodbye)
Thierry Guedj (Choreography)
Jean-Marie Gigon (Video)

Le Defile (The Fashion Show)
Regine Chopinot (Choreography)
Marc Caro (Video)

Les Raboteurs de Caillebotte
Angelin Preljocaj (Choreography)
Cyril Collard (Video)

L’Etreinte (The Embrace)
Joelle Bouvier (Choreography and Video)
Regis Obadia (Choreography and Video)

L’Ogre Meangeant des Jeunes Femmes Sous La Lune (The Ogre Eating Young Women by the Light of the Moon)
Karine Saporta (Choreography)
Anna-Celia Kendall (Video)

Jean-Claude Gallota (Choreography)
Raoul Ruiz (Video)

Mort de L’Empereur (Death of the Emperor)
Josef Nadj (Choreography)
Francois Porcile (Video)

Nuit d’Ete (Summer Night)
Veronique Ros de la Grange (Choreography)
Pascal Nottoli (Video)

Pour Toi (For You)
Elsa Wolliatson (Choreography)
Gilles Moisset (Video)

Stamping Ground
Mark Tompkins (Choreography)
Luc Riolon (Video)

Bernardo Montet (Choreography)
Robert Cahen (Video)

Sara Denizot (Choreography)
Pascale Baes (Video)

Un Chant Presqu’Eteint (An Almost Extinguished Song)
Jean-Claude Gallotta (Choreography)
Claude Mourieras (Video)

Daniel Larrieu (Choreography)
Jean-Louis Le Tacon (Video)

46 Bis
Sara Denizot (Choreography)
Pascale Baes (Video)