Beyond Repro: The Color Copy Show

This exhibition explored the way that the accessibility of the color copier added a new dimension to copy machine art, offering artists a mass media version of the fine art press. Beyond Repo takes a look at how artists halt the media barrage we’ve become accustomed to, alter it to suit their personal visions, and serve it back with a spin. Curated by Brenda Thompson.

On View

December 11, 1993 - January 16, 1994


1117 East Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002


1914 House
Blind Bitch
Jodi Bob
Brett Davidson
Saundra Fleming
Mark Flood
Mark Frohman
Marci Harnden
Wes Hicks
John Kennedy
Rhys Larrimore
Jack Livingston
Chad Louks
Fred Marchman
Allison Olsen
Meg Rohauer
Keith Rozendal
Brenda Thompson
Christopher Thompson