INTERN RESPONSE: Can you hear us?


Only in Your Way is loaded with the political anguish of today.

On an intensely painted red platform a woman,

who wears the same red and whose boots wear out with every step she takes

 walks at her own determined pace

building her path and the path for all

A walk that seems to never end

that goes and returns

but is present because it is a habit

Look beyond the heart shaped bulletproof glass

proof that the words you throw at us can not break me

won’t break me

and is not going to break us now more than ever.

Because it is easy to look from the other side

from the side of comfort and serenity,

from the safe side in which you look at me

while I hope you walk not on the opposite side

 but walk beside me.

I continue walking in this constant struggle

I carry with me the weight of our vow

our freedom

and our rights that you are trying to quickly remove

But there is something you can not keep quiet

you can not ignore

Mr. President can you hear it?

I will repeat it

again and again

until you understand that

I will only be in your way during these next four years of your mandate

I will only do this so you see the distorted ideas you have created about us,

I will only  continue strengthening our walk

until you realize that this country

can not be led

your way.

Natalia Barrientos is an intern at DiverseWorks for the 2017 spring semester. She’s currently pursuing her BFA at The University of Houston with an emphasis in Photography and Digital Media.