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Meet Our Fall 2015 Interns at DiverseWorks

OCTOBER 7, 2015 by dwintern

This semester, DiverseWorks welcomed four new interns who have all different backgrounds and interests, but share the same passion for the arts. As a group we participate in Reading Group Discussions, assist in  public events at the organization, and get involved with a variety of projects based on our individual interests in the art world.


Right to left: Doris Xu , Joomi Lee, Eternal Lokumbe, Kimia Mortazavi

Hyojung Lee (Joomi) is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A in Art History. Joomi is interested in working with digital technology in art & culture organizations that will enhance visitor experience and help with research.

Fun Fact: She was born in South Korea and lived there till her early 20’s, and traveled to North Korea once in high school.


Eternal Lokumbe is a senior at the University of Houston pursuing a B.A in Anthology and Creative Work. Her desired career path includes plenty of travel to investigate and write about people’s expressive cultures. The results of this research would be used in her curatorial practice.

Fun Fact: She was nominated for best humor in her senior year of high school.


Kimia Mortazavi is a sophomore at the University of Houston studying Psychology. As a new and passionate supporter of the arts, she is exploring her place in the art world through her internship at DiverseWorks and looks forward to using her experiences to guide her towards a career in the arts.

Fun Fact: She loves animals so much that she owned two cats, a parrot and four chickens at one time.


Doris Xu is a senior at the University of Houston pursuing a B.F.A in Studio Art with focus in painting. She wants to become a full-time artist or freelance designer, open her own studio, and teach students.

Fun Fact: She is also a big pet-lover. She has owned chickens, rabbits, gerbils, and fish, but sadly they’ve all died prematurely.