Houston Showdown

JUNE 22, 2017 by jenn

November 4 – 30, 1983

Organized by the Alternative Museum in New York, five Houston organizations participated in co-presenting this regional exhibition which included 65 artists from the Southwest, 70% of them from Texas. The exhibition was hosted by the Houston Coalition for the Visual Arts at member organizations including the Almeda Project for the Arts, the Women’s Caucus for the Art, Square One, Studio One, and DiverseWorks.

At DiverseWorks, artists included John Alexander, Mel Chin, Sean Early, Rudy Fernandez, Linnea Glatt, Joe Havel, Deborah Hunter, Suzanne Klotz-Reilly, Jerry Kunkel, Bert Long, Dalton Maroney, Cesar Martinez, Jesus Morales, Nancy O’Connor, Suzanne Paul, Ann Lee Stautberg, Robin Utterback, Randy Lee White, and Mac Whitney.

Playing in Local Bands

JUNE 22, 2017 by jenn

October 14, 1983

Benefit performance at Stages of a theater piece by Nancy Fales Garrett

Seen & Unseen

JUNE 22, 2017 by jenn

October 3 – 28, 1983

An exhibition curated by Benito Huerta examining works by artists who have shown regularly in Houston and those who have not, including works by Viveka Barnett, David Caton, Mel Chin, Marci Debrock-Conner, Donald Cowan, Carter Ernst, Lynn Howland, Benito Huerta, Jayne Kinney, Frank McGuire, and Steve Murphy.

A Constructive View in New Spaces

JUNE 22, 2017 by jenn

August 18 – September 9, 1983

Architectonic installations by four East Texas artists: Rob Amonette, John Berry, Treesa Germany, and Dennis Stewart

Artist Advisory Board Exhibit

JUNE 22, 2017 by jenn

February 7 – 10, 1983

With renovations at 214 Travis Street in progress, DiverseWorks presented its inaugural exhibition at Texas Commerce Tower’s 60th Floor Sky Lobby, which included works by Artist Advisory Board members Ron Boling, Thelma Coles, Piero Fenci, Kathleen Packlick, and Ben Woitena.