Keren Cytter: Show Real Drama

Written and directed by artist Keren Cytter, Show Real Drama is based on the lives of two of her actors who find themselves unemployed after graduating from the University of Acting in Salzburg. After countless failed attempts to get hired, they decide to write and direct scenes for their own showreels.  Show Real Drama came to DiverseWorks following presentations at The Kitchen, Kunsthall Bergen, and Tate Modern, among other important venues.

Performers: Susie Meyer and Fabian Stumm
Director: Keren Cytter
Video: Mia Meyer / Keren Cytter

Susie and Fabian are actors that needed a showreel. Because they didn’t have any acting jobs they decided to write a script for scenes they would like to act one day. They made two scenes. In the play these two showreel scenes function as the brakes between the acts Show, act Real, and act Drama.

While they are in the back of the stage , their text is referring to their relationships and memories.
When they are standing in the front of the stage, their text is referring to the stage and their acting career.
When they are reaching the center of the stage they are reenacting their showreel or dialogs from the past.

Show Real Drama was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Keren Cytter:  Video Art Manual, on view at DiverseWorks September 8 – October 20, 2012.

Date & Time

October 10 - 13, 2012
7:30 pm


DiverseWorks Theater
1117 East Freeway
Houston, TX  77002


Keren Cytter