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JUNE 2, 2017 by Taylor Hoblitzell

Elektra Sandarusi and Dana Suleymanova are our 2017 Summer Interns at DiverseWorks.  We asked them three fun questions to get to know them a little better. Continue reading to learn some fun facts about them.

  1. What is your favorite Houston, Texas getaway? Why?

Dana: My fav H-town getaway is a close tie between a restaurant and an art museum.  Every time I’m in Houston, I like to visit The Menil Collection. There is always great artwork displayed and I like the architecture of the space and the accompanying bookstore and park. A close second is a restaurant in East Downtown called “Huynh”. They have the best Vietnamese food in Houston and that’s a fact. Also, the Montrose area is cool and funny things always happen on Montrose.

Elektra: My favorite Houston getaway would probably be the international district! I grew up in Thailand, so when I go to the Hong Kong Market the foods and the smells remind me of home. I also can’t get enough of bubble tea!

  1. What is your favorite/most memorable piece of artwork you have seen this year?

Dana: This question is difficult because I have seen a lot of great art this year. I think some of the most powerful is probably an exhibition and not a specific piece. The University of Texas’s Studio Art MFA Thesis exhibition at the Visual Arts Center was amazing in terms of the caliber of work. It was great to see a lot of graduate students bring their ideas to fruition and create very strong work. I may be biased because they were my colleagues and friends, but I was super proud of what they exhibited and encourage everyone to look up the documentation of that show.

Elektra: Since moving back to Houston I love exploring downtown and the museum district, particularly all the street art murals. I feel like they explore the vibrant and colorful side of Houston that I hadn’t seen when I lived here.

  1. If you could be a kitchen appliance, what would it be? Why?

Dana: I would be a toaster because they are spontaneous and full of surprises. You never know when the toast will jump out.

Elektra: If I were a kitchen appliance I would be a dutch oven or a slow cooker, because I am worth the wait.

Be sure to say hello to Dana or Elektra if you see them around this summer at DiverseWorks!